It was in high school where I learned the basics of photography and discovered my passion for it. After graduation, I set out to teach myself all the rest. I can truly say that the years and tears of trial and error and riding the rollercoaster of self-doubt were all worth it in the end. 

I learned to shoot editorial images, uncover my unique editing style, and become a lifelong student of photography - continually working to improve my craft. 

Meet Regina

Portrait Photographer, Confidence Booster & Hype Woman

I’m Regina, a born and raised Austinite and portrait photographer to seniors, grads, and professionals from across the Central Texas region. 

After every single shoot, I head home with a heart full of love and peace because I know with complete certainty that I am doing what I was put on this earth to do.

From behind my lens, I create this world, carving it from trust and layering it with authenticity. Welcome to my world. 

I want a world where everyone can feel safe to be themselves.

What I'm Know For

editorial and timeless images 
golden lighting portraiture
my gift for creating confidence in people

If you’re feeling nervous or unsure about having your portrait taken, I get it - even more than you know. 

Getting your portrait taken can be a scary thing! It is still daunting to me when I have to go get my headshots taken every year - and my life revolves around cameras. I know firsthand what it’s like to research photographers for days and how special it is to find someone you can trust to hit that shutter over and over again. It’s the same kind of trust you put into me and I promise to never take that lightly. 

Your trust in me keeps me committed to finding your angles, scrutinizing every detail, ensuring you never look (or feel) awkward, and helping you feel as powerful as I know you truly are.

It’s time to experience what it’s like to truly walk with confidence.

After photographing hundreds of young professionals, graduates, and families, there’s one thing I know to be true: 

*everyone* (yes, including you!) is able to be photographed beautifully

everyone is able to be photographed beautifully

no experience necessary

no “photogenic” pre-requisite

and definitely no need to be a certain size or have a certain style

No matter how shy or anxious you may feel, I’m committed to bringing out your inner badass. 

Heads up: I’m probably going to say “beautiful”, “so good”, and “I can’t even!” about a hundred times during your shoot (all while making the craziest expressions) but I really mean it. 

99.99% of my clients come in feeling SO shy, but man, oh, man, 100% leave feeling confident with their badass Vogue vibing selves. 

One Thing About Me...